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CxB week007 by Yu-Gi-Ah CxB week007 :iconyu-gi-ah:Yu-Gi-Ah 11 1 See you on the Other Side by Yu-Gi-Ah See you on the Other Side :iconyu-gi-ah:Yu-Gi-Ah 7 2 Strongest Men and their fan-boyfriends by Yu-Gi-Ah Strongest Men and their fan-boyfriends :iconyu-gi-ah:Yu-Gi-Ah 20 5 Lovely Dolls by Yu-Gi-Ah Lovely Dolls :iconyu-gi-ah:Yu-Gi-Ah 6 0 Save Us Superman by Yu-Gi-Ah Save Us Superman :iconyu-gi-ah:Yu-Gi-Ah 8 1 Gondola ride by Yu-Gi-Ah Gondola ride :iconyu-gi-ah:Yu-Gi-Ah 8 7 Legion GO by Yu-Gi-Ah Legion GO :iconyu-gi-ah:Yu-Gi-Ah 11 3 Library AU Continuation by Yu-Gi-Ah Library AU Continuation :iconyu-gi-ah:Yu-Gi-Ah 7 6 Reunited by Yu-Gi-Ah Reunited :iconyu-gi-ah:Yu-Gi-Ah 17 6 Just Hold On by Yu-Gi-Ah Just Hold On :iconyu-gi-ah:Yu-Gi-Ah 14 3 Improvement by Yu-Gi-Ah Improvement :iconyu-gi-ah:Yu-Gi-Ah 2 1 Library AU by Yu-Gi-Ah Library AU :iconyu-gi-ah:Yu-Gi-Ah 11 8 Witch and Vampire by Yu-Gi-Ah Witch and Vampire :iconyu-gi-ah:Yu-Gi-Ah 14 4 Scrabble love by Yu-Gi-Ah Scrabble love :iconyu-gi-ah:Yu-Gi-Ah 12 7 between the bookshelves by Yu-Gi-Ah between the bookshelves :iconyu-gi-ah:Yu-Gi-Ah 13 5 Sapphire and Emerald by Yu-Gi-Ah Sapphire and Emerald :iconyu-gi-ah:Yu-Gi-Ah 15 10


Scale Brush Pack 1 by Chromamancer Scale Brush Pack 1 :iconchromamancer:Chromamancer 1,383 275 elegant braid by whiteazalea elegant braid :iconwhiteazalea:whiteazalea 47 7 Body Proportion Tutorial by semehammer Body Proportion Tutorial :iconsemehammer:semehammer 1,017 31 Tips on drawing manga by luleiya Tips on drawing manga :iconluleiya:luleiya 4,800 176 Banner-WEbsite v03 by DaveDonut Banner-WEbsite v03 :icondavedonut:DaveDonut 23,715 3,770
The Evolution of Wednesdays
It didn't take long to learn that Brainiac Five liked to plan ahead. Schedules and time tables for said plans worked like a charm to get Brainy to agree to some event outside the lab. Though, admittedly, Brainy was more flexible when it came to planning dates with Superman.
After a few failed attempts to be spontaneous Brainy announced that "date night" would henceforth be on Wednesday at five, barring any Legion business interfering with those plans. Amazingly Brainy left the specifics of these evenings to Superman and didn't pester him too much about what they would be doing that night.
The first few Wednesdays were typical cookie cutter dates. They went out to dinner and a movie and often ice cream afterward to discuss the film. There were a few times they did other things like bowling or to an amusement park but it felt more like hanging out with a friend then the dates Superman wanted them to be.
A few bribes and called in favors later, Superman managed to make the kitchen a "Clar
:iconpriestessofnox:PriestessOfNox 7 7
Half-Way There
Half-Way There
"Hey! Querl! Over here." Suddenly, there was a hand around Querl's wrist and he was pulled away from the group, and behind the stacks upon stacks of gym mats. He looked around, trying to identify is kidnapper. Standing there beside him was none other than his boyfriend, Clark Kent. He was the team captain for the football team, as well as an important member on the school newspaper.
"What would you like?" He wasn't sure if he should be happy or annoyed. Gym was his least favourite subject, and he absolutely despised soccer. However, whenever Clark got that look on his face, they'd always get caught by the teachers, and they'd always be in a compromising situation when that inevitably happened.
He shrugged, as if he couldn't really answer the question. He could. If there was one thing that Querl both loved and hated about Clark, it was that he always had a set goal in mind. Nothing got in the way of that goal either. "You know that it's Wednesday, right?" He said instead,
:icontrueloveisreal:TrueLoveIsReal 7 6
To Start Over
The first thing Brainy did when he was on his own was build a new force field belt. He knew his new organic form was a lot more vulnerable than his previous android self and he needed to do more to protect it. That was why he also arranged to take several classes in various forms of self defense, not seeing much reason to relearn how to fight since he had left the Legion, crime fighting and world saving antics behind.
Still the Legion was never far from Brainy's mind, even when he found a new career at the Time Institute. Strangely it wasn't even the Legion Brainy thought of most frequently; it was the Legionnaires themselves that occupied Brainy's thoughts most often. It was very similar as to when he could not stop thinking of Superman when he returned to the past and thus made a holographic replacement to appease his thoughts.
When Brainy tried to look up what this meant, the computer informed him that he had the symptoms of missing someone. That seemed only logical since he had bee
:iconpriestessofnox:PriestessOfNox 11 6
Green Lantern TAS - Alterations
The room was dimly lit, as it often was, the only light cast by a small lamp on the nearby desk.  Razer often preferred to keep it that way, the door shut to keep out the light from the areas beyond so that he could enjoy a little peace and quiet.  His quarters were his hideaway from the brightly lit consoles of the Interceptor's bridge and the chatter of his crew mates.  That evening, however, there was a new source of dim illumination within the room.
Razer sat on his bed, his back against the wall.  The weight in his lap was a familiar one, the softly glowing blue eyes that looked back into his carrying just a hint of curiosity.  It had really been quite the journey for them both over the last few months, Razer only starting to come to grips with his feelings for Aya when a Star Sapphire portal was able to transport him across the galaxy to her side.  Yet even then he had continued to hide away his feelings, uncertain as to
:iconstraya:straya 112 38
Title: Consequences
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Don+LH
Disclaimer: I don't own the turtles.
Summary: Leatherhead loses control again and Donatello happens to be in the way.
Warnings: BLOOD!!!!!
   Red. It was under his claws, running down his fingers and drip, drip, dripping to the floor. He stared at it, his body perfectly still. This wasn't right. It was wrong. Why was this here?
   The fog faded from the sides of his vision and he turned, staring at Donatello as he tightened his mask around his arm and used his teeth to tie the ends. The purple darkened suddenly, spreading outward and lengthening before it seemed to still, damp and heady, the thickness of blood hanging in the air between them.
   "Donatello...." his tongue felt heavy, uncoordinated.
   He smiled at him, a knot between his brows but he smiled to him and waved him off, "I'm all right, really. It's just a scratch." Donatello pressed his arm to his chest. It
:icong33kg1rl-rxd:g33kg1rl-RxD 69 34
How I Draw Comics by Zombiesmile How I Draw Comics :iconzombiesmile:Zombiesmile 13,000 826 Feather Brushes PS - 01 by silinias Feather Brushes PS - 01 :iconsilinias:silinias 283 49 your voice by Lisharelle your voice :iconlisharelle:Lisharelle 330 56
Celebration (Young Justice, BluePulse, PG)
They did it, they had won. The REACH had lost and the Light had been fractured. Impulse looked around the cave the Secret Summit had been held and grinned with pride.
Everyone was congratulating each other on a job well done.
"Hey hermano," a voice said from behind him.
Impulse spun on his heel to stare into the blue and yellow face of Blue Beetle.
Unsurprisingly Bart's body reacted faster than his brain and he jumped up to hug the teller teen around the neck. "Dude, how crash was I?" He asked excitedly!
"You did okay?" Blue Beetle commented.
Impulse let go of the armored teen. "Okay? OKAY?! Dude, I don't know what fight you were a part of but I took down The Brain. THE BRAIN!"
"So you broke a glass jar with a pickled body part, big deal! I helped take out the big bad guys."
"Yeah, but not on you own," Impulse pointed out wagging a finger at Blue.
The two friends stared at each other for a moment, baring their teeth and growling at who was the better fighter w
:iconbramblerose4u:Bramblerose4u 43 22
Rumbelle Week
Day 1: Magic
She had wanted to let in sunlight.
Rumpelstiltskin had allowed the silly notion, if only to keep her from falling off the ladder again. But as the days went by he started to reconsider, his house, hardly a home, was far too warm now and especially too bright. There was a reason he covered the windows to begin with you know.
Then Belle came in carrying the tray of afternoon tea. There was nothing special about this and yet there was.
Each time Belle walked in front of one of the windows she simply shimmered, more beautifully then the day he took her from her home as she wore her golden dress. Her hair shined far more radiant then the thread of gold between his fingers. As if these things weren't enough her smile, directed at him of all things, along with her eyes, so warm and open with her feelings, sparkled as she announced it was time for him to take a break and join her for tea.
Darkness had surrounded Rumpelstiltskin for so long he had forgotten the magic of sunl
:iconpriestessofnox:PriestessOfNox 16 5



CxB week007
Sep 27: Haunting/Haunted Tuesday
Make it spooky to end our celebration.

What can I say I really liked my Halloween designs of them from last year so I went with that theme again. This has been another great ClarkxBrainy week to all those who participated thank you. Does who couldn't I hope to see you join in the fun again next year ^_^. yay 
See you on the Other Side
Sept 26: Unknown Identity Monday!
One or both of them doesn't know much about the other through all or at least most of the fic. e.g. love letters, or online dating or someone they see on the train/library.

I made it! I barely made it. I had fun with this one I based the image on one of my fav animated music videos ^_^ here is the link for you to enjoy it…
Strongest Men and their fan-boyfriends
Sept 25: Alternate Universe Sunday!

I MADE IT XD!! 30 minutes till midnight here in LA as I post it so I TOTALLY MADE IT XD! YAY! So tired, So I went with the crossover option cause Jesus, has One punch Man, Genos and Saitama to be more specific, taken over my brain.

The fact that Clark/Brainy and Saitama/Genos have so much in common just justifies my intense love for them. I mean come on Strongest guys on the planet who have robotic guys who support them and look up to them completely. It was meant to be. ^_^

Well I'm done fangirling. This is just my way of saying I wanted to draw Saitama and Clark having a friendly arm wrestling contest and Genos and Brainy cheering them on. ENJOY!!

PS. This is far a I got my drawing done for Clark/Brainy week gonna try to do the last two wish me luck guys. I will post them even if they turn out to be a little late.
Lovely Dolls
Sept 24: Kid's Theme Saturday! What was better then Saturday morning cartoons when we were kids? Or grown up kids?
Kid cartoons, toys, de-aged; your choice!

I chose the toys one cause cuteness. This was inspired by :iconinstant-rhapsody: super cute art. Here is the link…

I'm going a little over board on Sundays piece so wish me luck on finishing it on time ^_^.
Save Us Superman
Sept 23: Fanfiction Friday! A yearly tradition.
Fanfiction based on fanart or fanart based on fanfiction!

Love doing this every year ^_^. I picked our very own Priestess, Robyn, cute little mash up story with wreck it ralph. It was just to cute and I got to draw Cark and Brainy pixel style that was fun. here's the link to her fic.…
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I HAVE 100 WATCHERS YAY XD!!! I have finally reached the triple digits WOO HOO! I have already send my 100th watcher a note telling her she get a free drawing from me of whatever they'd like. So we'll see what she picks. I want to thank everyone who has added me to their watch list ^__^ I am so happy that you like my art like you do.

$10 bucks for one character
+ $5 for every additional character
$15 bucks more if you want a backgrounds
$5 to color it

sketches will be $5

and chibis or ponies will be $3 with color.

and if anybody just wants some backgrounds or scenery drawing those will be $15 cause bg take longer to do plus $10 to color
Sketches just $5

The payment method will of course be paypal so if anybody wants some awesome drawings note me and let me know. I hope you will take me up on the commissioning front ^_^.


Abigail Carvajal
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Favourite cartoon character: Yugi and Yami!!!! Luffy!!!!! Lee!!!! L!!!!!!
Personal Quote: LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!!!


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